The hardest week of my life

This is the hardest blog I hope I will ever write  I am broken yet fixed again. Thank you NHS. At the end of last week our 6 week old boy Hamilton wasn’t well, he’d caught the cold that his brother, sister, my wife and I all had. He’d been to the doctors and checked … [Read more…]

Hacking my mind for health and wellbeing

This year I did something I haven’t really done before, I gave something up for lent. Talking to my family they were giving up the usual things, caviar, alcohol or chocolate. I gave up bread. No bread, pizza, pitta bread, doughnuts or bread of any kind. This was going to need all the discipline I … [Read more…]


I am delighted to say as we enter 2016, I have been asked to provide a leadership role for the transformation of NHS.UK and I have accepted that challenge. I feel extremely privileged to help many talented teams, from multiple organisations, form around a new purpose and a new culture. I think this reitterates the … [Read more…]

Cycling Adventure

Todays ride was extremely action packed, I feel like I have finally arrived as a cyclist now. Firstly I wanted to do a 50m ride which is the furthest I will have ridden so far. I managed to finally get to grips with my Garmin to get turn by turn navigation working properly and off … [Read more…]

Taking Storage Infrastructure Seriously

Since starting my role with the Department of Health as a Technical Subject Matter Expert I now have to travel a great deal across the country. This means I don’t have access to the levels of infrastructure I would normally have at my disposal for testing various architectures and prototype solutions. Storage is also something I haven’t … [Read more…]