Future Self I am Proud of You

It is that time of year again where everyone makes promises to themselves and others, about how they are going to be better at this or that, how this year is different and like no other. I am no different and try to have annual goals and things I strive to achieve.

There has been some great posts recently on the topic that I have enjoyed reading, they both have thought about this much more than I have, John O’Nolan wrote  one, as did Craig Burgess, both resonated with me, I am sure you will take something from them too.

I have very little more to add, I don’t know any better, I have no pearls of wisdom, but I can share what I have learned about myself as I enter 2014:

  • I have achieved more than I ever thought I could, my 21 year old self would be very proud of me;
  • My love for technology and how it improves peoples lives grows stronger ever year;
  • Having children has made me realise what the most important things in the world are, family and friends and the time we spend together;
  • Living for yourself is not the way to go, living for others gives you a more meaningful life.

So my goals for this year  are to connect with people who are open to connecting, to fulfil each day with enthusiasm and love, to learn and to share, these aren’t really goals though they are about who I am and how I will become stronger in these disciplines.

As for things I want to achieve this year, I have a list, it’s relatively short and I am confident I will achieve them, they are reference points that I am working to and it will make no real difference if I hit them or not,  the journey is what matters to me not the destination.

Also like Craig, I have an insane addiction to technology, I can justify any gadget by saying if I just had that then I could do xx. It’s all total crap of course, don’t believe your own lies to yourself. I love technology, I enjoy buying gadgets, I don’t want to stop, just like my wife loves buying shoes and handbags, it makes her happy and therefore I am happy (and she certainly won’t stop).

It is so easy to look back at the mistakes, the missed opportunities and how things could be better if you would have just done that one thing. It’s in the past, let it go.

So future self, I am the 35 year old you, and I am proud of you.

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