PortaPow 2.5A Quad USB Charger


The PortaPow is one of those devices that I loved immediately. It is light and takes up hardly any additional space than a regular USB wall charger. It has four regular USB ports at the bottom and a light per port on the front that that glows purple if something is drawing voltage through the port or blue if the slave device is fully charged on not attached.

I take this with me as an essential item now, it goes in my go bag that I like to keep as light as possible. As a person who carries a bluetooth headset, nexus 7, smartphone, spare phone battery charger and a 3g wifi hotspot that all charge using micro USB, I can now charge 4 at a time. Staying away in hotels which tend to have hardly any available sockets and would require multiple charges being carried, makes this a must have device I couldn’t be without anymore.

It’s about £12.50 delivered with Amazon Prime (You do have Prime don’t you?), I recommend this to anyone in a similar situation to myself and as a result I have added this to my ‘favourite things’ category.

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