What is QDOS?

QDOS is a tool that was developed to rapidly speed up the process of assuring the population of the Connecting for Health DOS system within a particular cluster.

How does it do this?

It does this by capturing queries that are destined for the DOS and stores them for an automated run, this produces a report detailing all the DOS returns for all the captured scenarios.

Do I need Pathways?

No, this simulates the Pathways content so DOS leads will not have to wait for their provider to be selected in order to start validating the returns by using Pathways.

What do NHS Pathways think about the tool?

They are fully supportive of this tool, it was developed as part of working closely with the team and looking at ways to improve the population process as part of lessons learned from previous pilots.

What if a scenario that I need to test doesn’t exist?

You can contact the NHS Pathways team and request that one is added to the tool. Once the new scenarios has been released the QDOS tool will automatically update from the cloud and instantly contain the new scenario.

Who can use QDOS?

QDOS can be run by anyone who has valid user credentials to query the DOS, it requires only one parameter of postcode which will allow you to check your DOS in your particular area.You can also use postcodes from other areas to see how your population compares with others.

I still don’t understand how it works?

The diagram gives a visual overview

QDOS Architecture

QDOS Architecture

Can I please have feature x?

You can request it by emailing me and we will do our best to develop this if it is beneficial to the NHS 111 programme. However we have very little resource to take this forward.

Who is we?

This tool was developed by Tim Coates and Tony Yates as a pro bono piece of work. We developed this on evenings and weekends as we saw the benefit of having such a tool to the NHS 111 Programme.

How do I get it?

You can get it by requesting access to the tool by emailing me for the link. If you don’t know my work email address you probably shouldn’t have access to the tool.