Taking Storage Infrastructure Seriously

Since starting my role with the Department of Health as a Technical Subject Matter Expert I now have to travel a great deal across the country. This means I don’t have access to the levels of infrastructure I would normally have at my disposal for testing various architectures and prototype solutions.

Storage is also something I haven’t really had to take seriously at a personal level as I have had serious infrastructure at my disposal for work related content. On a more personal level, movies and music I have purchased can always be downloaded again should I lose the data and photo’s are always stored in the excellent dropbox service.

I decided to opt for some storage as a SOHO user that would meet my requirements and the QNAP TS-412 fits the bill perfectly, my minimum requirements are :-

    • Must be fast – Dual gigabit ports


    • Must give me direct access via FTP, SMB and other protocols


    • Must offer various RAID configurations


    • Must be an iSCSI target so I can point various VM Disks to LUN’s


The QNAP TS-412 is all of this and so much more. The specs and capabilities of this NAS are exceptional and I am really looking forward to having a storage solution that meets my requirements and gives me piece of mind (coupled with 4x4TB HD’s). Have a look at the list of packages available, you will see why this is an excellent piece of infrastructure for a SOHO User / Road Warrior and opens up many other possibilities, especially at this price.

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