Thank you Elon and Team Tesla

I am 100% convinced my Tesla Model S saved my life, the lives of others or at the very least serious injuries today. For those that know the route I was heading away from Leeds to Warrington on the M62 in England, UK. It is a truly horrible route full of roadworks, 50mph zones and narrow lanes. It has been very grim today, the rain was really heavy most of the journey, but it did start to lighten, intermittent wipers were the right frequency.


However, neither I or the others were to know that a deep pool of water lay ahead in the first lane. The car slightly ahead of me to my left hit this pool of water and it instantly sprayed and flooded my windscreen leaving me with no visibility, the other car veared right towards me and neither they or I was to know that the car in front had also jammed its brakes on really hard almost coming to a standstil.


Had I been able to see it I have no idea what my instinct would have been, brake, swearve, I just don’t know.


Fortunately I had autopilot engaged and I am 100% certain the reaction time of the car, how it moved right just enough away from the side swipe without hitting anything to my right and how it braked with such precision, is the only reason there wasn’t some kind of incident today.

Picture of a My Tesla Model S Car

My Tesla Model S

Had I not had this car, I wouldn’t have been driving to Warrington, I would have been on the train, but it signifies a brighter future for motoring where just the right amount of assistance can help prevent significant accidents. Complete self driving capabilities are around the corner and I have absolutly no issues trusting the technology.


Thank you Elon and Team Tesla, I am able to type this tonight and pack for my holiday tomorrow due to the exceptional engineering and machine learning capabilities of my car.


Tony Yates, Husband, Dad of 3, Model S 75D Owner


P.S. My only regret is not buying the P100D, I would have been further up the road if I had 🙂

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