Ultimate Tools

Like everyone else I use loads of tools that I consider indispensable. Here’s my list that I use on a very frequent basis, some of them I simply could not perform my job without them.

  • Vagrant – a tool for building distributed virtulisation development environments, uses VirtualBox to instantiate new environments of VM’s.
  • Eclipse – open source development environment that performs just about anything you would want a development environment to do.
  • Putty – no list would be complete without it. Terminal Emulator and so much more.
  • Join.me – the best, no fuss, screen sharing application out there.
  • VirtualBox – free open source virtualisation environment for most platforms. I don’t know how I would manage without this, it’s essential for testing all sorts of things, snapshots are unbelievably useful.
  • Wunderlist – free cross platform, cross device task manager that works exactly how I want it to.
  • Dropbox – no list would be complete without it.
  • Transmit – OSX file transfer utility that lets you transfer files to Amazon S3 among other protocols.
  • RescueTime – keep track of where my time is going, really useful for measuring and tweaking yourself. I am thinking of actually putting my weekly reports up for all to see.
  • VLC – most video’s just work and it has a tonne of features for streaming etc.
  • OpenSSH – excellent for my VPN tunnel back to my home lab.
  • WireShark – have a look whats happening on the wire can be a life saver at times.
  • TrueCrypt – best disk encryption software out there bar none.
  • Skype – need I say anything?
  • Shift – gives you Aero Snap type features in OS X I really couldn’t live without this tool, saves so much time aligning windows side by side.
  • TinkerTool – loads of extra settings can be manipulated in OS X using this little util, removes a lot of annoyances.
  • Teracopy – superfast file copy that should be a staple of windows by now, free for non commercial use.
  • FoxIt Reader – fast pdf reader that is much lighter weight than adobe’s offering.
  • CutePDF – print directly to a pdf file from Windows.
  • CrashPlan – mozy alternative that’s cheaper, cross platform and doesn’t lose much functionality that I care about anyway, also has a headless version so no need for a GUI.
  • Mike T’s SQLite Database Maintenance Application – nice little front end tool to SQLite should you need it.
  • PSTools – Microsoft now owns these tools, they are fantastic utils for performing a variety of local and remote tasks on Windows operating systems. I have used these since the beginning when SysInternals developed them.
  • Github – I took a long time convincing that git was going to be better than svn as I don’t have extremely large project like the linux kernel to manage. Once I made the switch I cannot recommend it highly enough. Switch to git right now for DVCS. Then sign up for github, it’s an amazing place to improve your coding and contribute to others.
  • Bitbucket – similar to github but a little cheaper, not quiet as good though but not far off.
  • iTerm2 – How the iTerm.app should have been in the first place. If you love to be in terminal for whatever reason and use a mac you will not regret downloading this free app.
  • Visual Studio 2010 – Essential for any windows development, predominantly in C#. Free versions are available.

There are sure to be many more tools that I use, I will add them as I rediscover them.