Urgent Care Interoperability

Urgent and Emergency care in England has some fantastic capabilities, it is one of the first of it’s kind that uses technology to transfer in near real time, the primacy of a patients care to an appropriate health service provider that is able to meet their medical needs, when it is most urgent. This basically means when the technical handshake has completed, another service accepts clinical responsibility for a patient from that point onwards, a seamless joined up journey for a patient.


As the core designer of that architecture, supported by some amazingly talented people (software vendors, architects, messaging experts, providers, and all round makers – thank you) I  am humbled that I represent the collective knowledge of many in the urgent care interoperability landscape.


This is the first in a multi part series of blog posts where I will document and articulate what I know so that my knowledge is open and shared for others to learn, recite, build on or use as they choose. You may not agree with the designs, neither do I anymore, technology moves on, thats not the point right now.


This isn’t about articulating the future, I am helping NHS England/HSCIC with that work.  This is my personal endeavour to share my knowledge on this subject, to make things open, it makes them better. All of the standards discussed in this series are in the public domain.


I hope you like it, and it proves useful to someone.

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