Weeknotes S01E04

Weeknotes S01E04

  • I reached out to the NHS Digital IM1 team regarding PFS  (Patient Facing Services) and Immunisation, particularly vaccination status visibility from the GP Patient Record. A digital passport may be key to getting back to some normality or mass gatherings. This is now visible in the NHS App and will also be available in the LIVI app, something the team have been working on.
  • I spent some time working on the bed capacity management problem Andy focussed on a few weeks ago, I am only getting the odd hour on this on an evening, the purpose of the persistence though is to learn something and share that with whoever is interested.
  • LIVI launched a booking tool that I oversaw from an architecture perspective, it really is such a simple yet brilliant tool that helps patients be seen by a GP using digital technology. The difference is that it can handle surge based demand for practices who find themselves unable to meet their demand on a given day.
  • I dusted off my old NHS IT bod hat and worked with NECS to get the booking tool deployed. They were a fantastic team to work with, we all focussed on doing the hard work to make the whole experience simple for practice staff. The practice staff came in to work one day, the tool was installed and ready to use without guides or training.
  • I also reached out to the the NHS Digital Team to progress an HSCN connection into AWS Infrastructure.
  • I posted a blog with some thoughts on the new Find Your NHS Number Service - This post got a fair bit of attention, the best bit is I made new connections and reconnected with existing ones. Thinking out loud and sharing is good, even if people don't agree you get to learn new perspectives.

Who did I talk to

I had a great chat with Victoria Betton - It's a little bizarre I haven't actually met or spoken to Victoria before, within a few minutes we are two people who have been in close proximity but never actually. It didn't take long to realise Victoria is a fab human being and is doing great work.

What did I read

  • Blog post on addressable LED's over a long distance - Part of a garden landscaping project to light various parts of the garden.
  • Edent's post on why simple HTML is so important, I really enjoyed reading this - https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2021/01/the-unreasonable-effectiveness-of-simple-html/
  • I watched Janet's talk that Alice shared, it's from a while ago but was really good, Janet's style is brilliant and her energy is very infectious, it made me think about when I worked with her at NHS.UK, then it made me miss people in general.
  • No books. This happens a lot with me, I start a fiction book, won't break my rule of starting another book until I have finished one and can rarely be bothered with fiction. I need to change the rule.