Weeknotes S01E07

Weeknotes S01E07

Week 7 was a short week as I took some time off for my eldest son's birthday. In turn my Weeknotes are also short and mainly about identity.

What did I work on?

  • Identity - it seems like it's a lighthouse topic that comes around every so often to shine a light on the complex nature of asserting peoples identity. Fortunately I have been on this journey so many times now and NHS Login has done some fantastic work in this space since I was working with the team. Children/Dependants continue to be a challenge though.
  • I also re-read the NHS Digital DCB3051 Identity Standards which were last updated in March 2020, these are great and really helpful to suppliers and providers of health care services when asserting the identity of patients. They reference GPG45 which is the government guidelines on identity, however these have been updated recently which leaves some grey areas between the two which were discussed with a number of internal teams.

What didn't go so well?

  • I tried to fit 5 days worth of work into 3 days, leading to me being totally worn out by the time I got time off. The first day was spent letting go of work and worrying about what I may have missed.

Who did I talk to?

  • No one outside of my own team

What did I read?

  • I have been thinking more about showing my work and stumbled across a blog by Nat Eliason on how to start a blog. I get the idea of blogging but want to be more structured in the things I write about. I am not trying to create a monetized blog but it gave me insights to develop my thinking further and how to measure for success that is meaningful to me.