Our future is in little hands

I thought I would share the content of a recent talk I gave at Health Tech Women UK, a cameo appearance I had agreed to do in Manchester. I have worked with Louise for some time, and met Maxine at a recent conference, its great work they are doing and really important, you should go … [Read more…]

The hardest week of my life

This is the hardest blog I hope I will ever write  I am broken yet fixed again. Thank you NHS. At the end of last week our 6 week old boy Hamilton wasn’t well, he’d caught the cold that his brother, sister, my wife and I all had. He’d been to the doctors and checked … [Read more…]

Urgent Care Interoperability

Urgent and Emergency care in England has some fantastic capabilities, it is one of the first of it’s kind that uses technology to transfer in near real time, the primacy of a patients care to an appropriate health service provider that is able to meet their medical needs, when it is most urgent. This basically means when the … [Read more…]

My 3 year old daughter hacked a Google Chromebook

Meet Sienna, she is my 3 year old daughter who loves to make things (and break things). Sienna loves ‘computer science time’ the time when her and I both have daddy and daughter time connecting things up to the Raspberry Pi and making it do fun stuff, like making lights flash, motors spin and playing … [Read more…]

Hacking my mind for health and wellbeing

This year I did something I haven’t really done before, I gave something up for lent. Talking to my family they were giving up the usual things, caviar, alcohol or chocolate. I gave up bread. No bread, pizza, pitta bread, doughnuts or bread of any kind. This was going to need all the discipline I … [Read more…]

A year of books: Essentialism

Like many people doing important work, there are many demands for our time and attention. Sometimes it is almost paralysing and one can’t get anything meaningful done for serving the needs of others. I am yet to see a role advertised that says ‘help everyone else achieve their goals’   Essentialism by Greg McKeown sets … [Read more…]

I am a black belt in Tsundoku

I read a lot of books, one every two weeks is the norm for me. Currently I am reading Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, it is one I will finish has it has promise in developing my own mindset further, but more importantly to me right now is the mindset of my children. I’ll write … [Read more…]


I am delighted to say as we enter 2016, I have been asked to provide a leadership role for the transformation of NHS.UK and I have accepted that challenge. I feel extremely privileged to help many talented teams, from multiple organisations, form around a new purpose and a new culture. I think this reitterates the … [Read more…]