I am delighted to say as we enter 2016, I have been asked to provide a leadership role for the transformation of NHS.UK and I have accepted that challenge. I feel extremely privileged to help many talented teams, from multiple organisations, form around a new purpose and a new culture. I think this reitterates the … [Read more…]

Leading the Management of My Personal Healthcare

Recently I attended and presented at healthcare expo. While I was there I attended a talk by Dr David B. Agus, a cancer physician from the US who is renowned for treating Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong. It was a truly enlightening talk, I quickly bought both of his books and got them signed by … [Read more…]

Cycling Adventure

Todays ride was extremely action packed, I feel like I have finally arrived as a cyclist now. Firstly I wanted to do a 50m ride which is the furthest I will have ridden so far. I managed to finally get to grips with my Garmin to get turn by turn navigation working properly and off … [Read more…]

Future Self I am Proud of You

It is that time of year again where everyone makes promises to themselves and others, about how they are going to be better at this or that, how this year is different and like no other. I am no different and try to have annual goals and things I strive to achieve. There has been … [Read more…]

DD-WRT 802.11n Connection Timeout with OSX Lion

After upgrading to OS X Lion I started having a few issues with wireless connectivity to my dual band Linksys WRT610N router. After searching google it was evident that many people are having similar issues, many workarounds are suggested but they didn’t work for me. After reading about the issues with TKIP and 802.11n I … [Read more…]

Task Management that Makes Sense

As a fastidious technology geek person I have tried to use many task management systems including Wunderlist, Trello, RTM, Todo.txt and many others. The reality is these systems are not acceptable to use in every environment I find myself in. To be pulling out a phone or laptop when in meetings, 1:1’s, on planes or … [Read more…]

PortaPow 2.5A Quad USB Charger

The PortaPow is one of those devices that I loved immediately. It is light and takes up hardly any additional space than a regular USB wall charger. It has four regular USB ports at the bottom and a light per port on the front that that glows purple if something is drawing voltage through the … [Read more…]

Small Habits – Big Results

Check out this video: A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo. By doing something for just one second per day this man has created something amazing and beautiful. This should be evidence enough that doing something little and often is the best way to get great results. Not convinced? Here … [Read more…]